Borislav Gerasimov Caitlin Wyndham Marika McAdam Nerida Chazal

Human traffickers: Organized criminals or neighbours, boyfriends, and aunties?

A Talk by Dr Nerida Chazal , Marika McAdam , Dr Caitlin Wyndham and Borislav Gerasimov

About this Talk

At this session, we will present articles published in a recent issue of the journal Anti-Trafficking Review, which focused on the theme ‘Traffickers’. The issue explored the characteristics, motivations, and modus operandi of those convicted or suspected of human trafficking, their relationships with victims, their treatment in the criminal justice system, and more. Dr Caitlin Wyndham will speak about the profile of traffickers in Vietnam. Dr Nerida Chazal will speak about women convicted of trafficking in Australia. Dr Marika McAdam will speak about traffickers in other countries and regions, such as Italy, United States, Malaysia, and others. All speakers will reflect on what these findings mean for prevention of trafficking and prosecution of offenders.

14 October 2022, 07:00 AM

07:00 AM - 08:15 AM

About The Speakers

Nerida Chazal

Dr Nerida Chazal

Marika McAdam

Marika McAdam

Independent international law and policy adviser; trafficking in persons; smuggling of migrants; international law; human rights;

Caitlin Wyndham

Dr Caitlin Wyndham

Research and Learning Leader, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

Borislav Gerasimov

Borislav Gerasimov

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women