Marika McAdam

Independent international law and policy adviser; trafficking in persons; smuggling of migrants; international law; human rights;

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Dr Marika McAdam is an independent law and policy advisor and member of the Global Initiative Network. She has served as an advisor to ASEAN-Australia Counter Trafficking, the Regional Support Office to the Bali Process, and United Nations offices on drugs and crime, migration, human rights, among other organisations. In her work on counter-trafficking and counter-smuggling, she has trained law enforcers, prosecutors and judges; advised senators and parliamentarians, and carried out legislative assessments and qualitative analysis across more than 40 countries on the challenges of implementing international law in practice. Marika serves on various international advisory boards and committees, and is the author of several internationally-recognised technical publications.

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Human traffickers: Organized criminals or neighbours, boyfriends, and aunties?

14 October 2022, 07:00 AM
Borislav Gerasimov Caitlin Wyndham Marika McAdam Nerida Chazal