Dr Caitlin Wyndham

Research and Learning Leader, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

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Caitlin is an experienced leader committed to addressing social exclusion, inequality and human rights violations. Her expertise with non-profit organizations encompasses research, grants management, donor relationships, monitoring, evaluation and research, organisational development and program design. Caitlin has been involved with Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation since 2003, and is focused on strategy, evidence-based programming, evaluation and research and stakeholder liaison as a senior staff member. Caitlin holds a PhD in Public Policy, a Masters in International and Community Development and a Masters in Sociology.

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Human traffickers: Organized criminals or neighbours, boyfriends, and aunties?

14 October 2022, 07:00 AM
Marika McAdam Caitlin Wyndham Borislav Gerasimov Nerida Chazal