Sean Redmond Catherine Naughton Colette Quinn Jane Mulcahy

Developing a network disruption strategy

A Talk by Dr Jane Mulcahy , Catherine Naughton , Sean Redmond and Colette Quinn

About this Talk

Please note that to facilitate the discussion of anonymised but on-going policing situations this recording will not be recorded.

The Greentown Project, a multifaceted intervention for juveniles caught-up in an organised crime network is being trailed in two locations in Ireland. A Network Disruption Strategy will aim to frustrate the recruitment and retention of juveniles within the network, facilitating juveniles to avail of therapeutic interventions and pro-social opportunities. The presentation will outline the various evidence sources synthesised to inform the strategy. Including network disruption literature (international level), wisdom of the crowds (national level) and in-depth analysis of the structure, dynamics, and roles of individuals within the crime network (local level). Delegates input will be encouraged.

02 December 2021, 11:30 AM

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM

About The Speakers

Jane Mulcahy

Dr Jane Mulcahy

University of Limerick, REPPP

Jane Mulcahy is a Research Fellow in Youth Justice at the University of Limerick. She graduated with her PhD in Law from University College Cork in 2020 on the topic of “Connected Corrections and Corrected Connections: post-release supervision of long sentence male prisoners”. Her research was co-funded by the Irish Research Council and the Probation Service under the employment based PhD scheme. Jane has worked as a researcher in the area of criminal justice, penal policy and social justice since 2005.

Catherine Naughton

Catherine Naughton

Research fellow, University of Limerick

Sean Redmond

Sean Redmond

Adjunct Professor of Youth Justice, University of Limerick

Colette Quinn

Colette Quinn

Head, Garda Youth Diversion Bureau, An Garda Síochána