Stefano Becucci

University of Florence Expert on Italian and foreign organized crime, smuggling and trafficking in human beings, exploitation of prostitution, bonded labor.

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Stefano Becucci is Associate professor of sociology at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Florence, where he teaches General Sociology and Sociology of Migration. His research interests are on forms of inclusion and exclusion of migrants in the new society, smuggling and trafficking of human beings and organized crime in Italy and other European countries. Among his last publications: Nigerian criminal groups in Italy: organizational structure, drug trafficking and sexual exploitation, Quaderni di Sociologia, 88, 2022; The Smuggling of Migrants from Libyan Shores to Italy: Changes After the End of the Gaddafi Dictatorship, Quaderni di Sociologia, 84, 2021; How to Present a Social threat as a Scapegoat, in L. Leonardi, G, Scalise (eds), Social Challenges for Europe, Il Mulino, 2019.

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