Jude Roys Oboh Victor Akpan Damián Zaitch Stefano Becucci

Cocaine hoppers: Nigerian international cocaine trafficking

A Talk by Damián Zaitch , Victor Akpan , Stefano Becucci and Dr. ir. Jude Roys Oboh

About this Talk

Cocaine Hoppers provides empirical evidence to explain the involvement of Nigerians in the international cocaine trade. Investigating the criminogenic environment created by the Nigerian “state crisis”, it traces the geographic, demographic, economic, hist orical, political, and cultural factors that have contributed to the cocaine culture in Nigeria. These elements have led to a society that relies on “ reverse social capital ”, wherein wealth and power are achieved through illegal means solely to benefit the individual. This lively, theoretically grounded study provides an account of Nigerian involvement in global drug trafficking as it has never been divulged before. This book will be appreciated by students, scholars, and public policy practitioners in the criminal justice and criminology space. And eagerly be read by those interested in Nigeria, and problems of African immigrants, and in the international drug trafficking.

13 October 2022, 10:00 PM

10:00 PM - 11:15 PM

About The Speakers

Damián Zaitch

Damián Zaitch

Utrecht University

Organised Crime / drug trafficking in Latin America and the Netherlands

Victor Akpan

Victor Akpan

Stefano Becucci

Stefano Becucci

University of Florence

Expert on Italian and foreign organized crime, smuggling and trafficking in human beings, exploitation of prostitution, bonded labor.

Jude Roys Oboh

Dr. ir. Jude Roys Oboh

Criminologist. Consultant for the Dutch Ministry of Justice