Emile LeBrun

Senior small arms policy control consultant; Project Coordinator for the Small Arms Survey; Founding Director of Kennis: Knowledge for Safety and Good Governance.

About this speaker

Emile LeBrun is a researcher, writer, and editor on small arms and light weapons proliferation and control issues. He has worked as a consultant for the Small Arms Survey since 2003, and is Founder and Executive Director of Kennis: Knowledge for Safety and Good Governance, an NGO based in the Netherlands.


Assessing the impacts of global firearms instruments

02 December 2021, 07:00 AM
Gergely Hideg Christian Ponti Emile LeBrun Monica Massari Anna Alvazzi del Frate

The impact of global arms control regimes in reducing armed violence: a regional assessment / approach

18 October 2023, 04:00 PM
Emile LeBrun Christian Ponti Gergely Hideg Anna Alvazzi del Frate