André Duffles Teixeira Aranega

Bachelor's and Master's degree in International Relations by the Institute of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (IRI/PUC-Rio).

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André Duffles Teixeira Aranega is an Autonomous Researcher with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in International Relations (IRI/PUC-Rio, Brazil).

He has years of (voluntary and professional) experience in the elaboration of academic material (e.g., reports, scientific articles, research project, and book chapters) and participation in academic activities (e.g., project management, teaching, seminars, symposiums, and conferences).

His Undergraduate Thesis "Prisioneiros da Oportunidade: Estado, Crime Organizado Transnational (COT) e o Brasil na geopolítica criminal do tráfico de armas de fogo" was nominated to receive the Gerson Moura Prize in the 2021 Edition and was classified as one of the top 5 undergraduate thesis submitted in 2020 at the IRI/PUC-Rio, where he analyzed the role of Brazil in the criminal geopolitics of firearms trafficking at the intraregional level (South America) and interregional level (Americas).

His Master's thesis "The Crime-Geopolitics Nexus and Transnational Environmental Crimes in the Amazon Forest" investigated the prospects for consolidating a promising research agenda - the "crime-geopolitics nexus" - as an eclectic space for the producing scientific studies concerned with the interstice between international relations, organized crime, and geopolitics, as well as the geopolitical role of the Amazon Forest in illicit environmental supply chains.

His research interests and publications focus on the following topics: Public Security - International Security - Regional Security - Global Security - Geopolitics - Illicit Trade - Organized Crime - Transnational Crime - International Terrorism - (Anti-)Corruption - Money Laundering - Environmental Crimes - Compliance - Latin America.

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