Linda MacDonald John Winterdyk Jeanne Sarson

Women unsilenced our refusal to let torturer-traffickers win

A Talk by Linda MacDonald , Jeanne Sarson and Dr John Winterdyk

About this Talk

In 1993 a woman’s desperate telephone call seeking our professional support changed ou r lives forever. Deciding not to abandon her, she “introduced” us to her reality of being born into a family system involving organized torture and trafficking within informal networks to which her parents exploited her from toddlerhood. We learned that th e torture - trafficking of women and girls by non - State actors was criminally invisible in Canada and globally. From supporting this one woman recover grew our grassroot science of non - State torture (NST) trafficking crimes, insights into perpetrators’ MO, and participatory research meant hearing from women similarly victimized globally.

13 October 2022, 11:30 PM

11:30 PM - 12:45 AM

About The Speakers

Linda MacDonald

Linda MacDonald

Feminist Grassroots Activist, Persons Against Non-State Torture

Feminist grassroots activist.

Jeanne Sarson

Jeanne Sarson

Co-Founder Persons Against Non-State Torture, Persons Against Non-State Torture

My educational background - BScN, MEd - my practice has been in community and public health nursing of which confronting and preventing violence within relationships is a practice expertise. My specific expertise involves 30 years of developing knowledge on "how-to" support women's recovery from non-State torture victimization and exploitation organized within family or intimate relationships and their connections to like-minded criminal informal networks.

John Winterdyk

Dr John Winterdyk