Transnational organized criminal activities of Lebanese Hezbollah

A talk by Sara Dudley, Dr Matthew Levitt, Aurora Ortega and Christian Vianna de Azevedo
The Washington Institute for Near East Policy,

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About this talk

Hezbollah’s TOC activities have increased over the past several years, presenting unique challenges for policymakers and law enforcement agencies alike. In the U.S., the Obama administration opted not to designate Hezbollah as a TOC enterprise, but the group was included in a U.S. Department of Justice task force on TOC activities. In Europe, where only the terrorist and military wing of Hezbollah is designated, Europol has bluntly noted that banning only part of the group has made it much harder to address the group’s criminal activities.

Christian Vianna de Azevedo

Special Agent. PhD in International Relations. 20 + years of experience in countering TOC and Terrorism in diverse environments across different continents.

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