Delon Omrow Karla Mendes Julius Kaka Peter Stoett

Environmental defenders

A Talk by Karla Mendes , Julius Kaka , Dr Delon Omrow and Dr Peter Stoett

About this Talk

"The aim of the proposed symposium is to build capacity for undertaking research and analysis of the synthesis between transnational environmental crime and organized crime, with a particular focus on hostilities against environmental defenders. Please refer to the abstracts below for each presenter."

13 October 2022, 07:00 PM

07:00 PM - 08:15 PM

About The Speakers

Karla Mendes

Karla Mendes

Brazil Contributing Editor, Mongabay

Julius Kaka

Julius Kaka

Field Network Coordinator for East and Southern Africa, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime

Delon Omrow

Dr Delon Omrow

Ontario Tech University, Ontario Tech University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Instructor and Co-author of "Spheres of Transnational Ecoviolence", Ontario Tech University and Centennial College

Peter Stoett

Dr Peter Stoett

Ontario Tech University

Dean of Social Science and Humanities, Ontario Tech University; IPBES Assessment Co-chair; expertise in global environmental governance and international human rights