Stephen. J. Macdonald Laura Bainbridge Jack Spicer Rose Broad Simon Harding

Understanding & Responding to ‘Cuckooing’

A Talk by Dr Rose Broad , Simon Harding , Dr Laura Bainbridge , Prof Stephen. J. Macdonald and Jack Spicer

About this Talk

The practice of ‘cuckooing’, where vulnerable people have their homes taken over, has generated significant policy and practice attention across the UK over the last ten years. While not exclusively, this has often been associated with the workings of illicit drug markets, with connections made to the activities of organised crime and the supply model known as ‘county lines’. Involving a range of researchers who have recently completed or are currently engaged with studies on this area, this roundtable discussion will provide an opportunity for critically reflecting on the current state of knowledge about cuckooing and how it should be understood. In addition, speakers will consider the practical implications of their findings for informing, critiquing and improving better responses. Finally, consideration will be given to what a future research agenda on this area might look like. 

18 October 2023, 10:00 PM

10:00 PM - 11:15 PM

About The Speakers

Rose Broad

Dr Rose Broad

University of Manchester

Modern slavery, human trafficking

Simon Harding

Simon Harding

University of West London

Laura Bainbridge

Dr Laura Bainbridge

Lecturer in Criminal Justice, University of Leeds

A UK academic that conducts research on violence reduction, policy transfer and 'cuckooing' victimisation

Stephen. J. Macdonald

Prof Stephen. J. Macdonald

Durham University

Exploitation of disabled people; community violence; hate-motivated criminality; disability, housing and homelessness.

Jack Spicer

Jack Spicer

University of Bath