Jack Spicer

University of Bath

About this speaker

Dr Jack Spicer is a Lecturer in Criminology. He has written extensively on the emergence of 'County Lines' drug supply onto the policy landscape, the practice of 'cuckooing' and the associated responses. This reflects his wider research interests into the functioning of illicit drug markets, the enforcement of drug laws and drug policy reform.

Dr Spicer has published numerous articles in leading journals and presented papers at a range of international conferences. As a member of a number of domestic and international networks, he regularly contributes to practitioner events, public engagement initiatives, parliamentary enquiries and media outputs. In 2019 he was awarded 'Best Early Career Researcher' by the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy. In 2021 he was the recipient of the prestigious Radzinowicz Prize.

His first book entitled Policing County Lines: Responses to Evolving Provincial Drug Markets was published in 2021. His most recent work is an international edited collection on Drug Law Enforcement, Policing & Harm Reduction. He is the co-editor of Routledge's 'Drugs, Crime and Society' book series


Understanding & Responding to ‘Cuckooing’

18 October 2023, 10:00 PM
Jack Spicer Simon Harding Rose Broad Stephen. J. Macdonald Laura Bainbridge