Partnerships for peace: Standing up against violence one destroyed weapon at a time

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About this talk

The panel discussion will focus on the issue of armed violence in Central America, with a specific focus in El Salvador. The Humanium Metal Initiative, an intervention by IM Swedish Development Partner, will be explored as a model to make a tangible impact on ending gun violence, combatting illicit arms trade and enforcing human security while empowering communities and youth to choose violence-free paths. The panel will envisage a dialogue among different stakeholders, which is encouraged by Humanium Metal as a best practice to find improved solutions and to reclaim control over territories restrained by organized crime. (WC: 97)

Ms. Deu Pons will present Humanium Metal virtuous approach to permanently remove illegal weapons from communities. El Salvador will be introduced as an outlier case study. Humanium Metal established and efficient model of collaboration with Salvadorian local partners (i.e. FESPAD and Red de Sobrevivientes) will be indicated as a successful strategy to implement human security.

Mr. Carrillo will introduce the situation of armed violence in El Salvador. He will then focus on activities implemented by the partnership to ensure violence prevention and enable a culture of peace. Presentation tile: “Context of armed violence in El Salvador and the Humanium Metal response to enable violence prevention and a culture of peace.”

Ms. Chacon will cover the role of civil society. In particular she will focus on the way Humaniun Metal, FESPAD and Red the Sobrevivientes common intervention assists the empowerment of communities, youth and survivors of armed violence in El Salvador.

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