How useful is it to confiscate mafia assets in Europe in 2021: The example of France

A talk by Michele Mosca, Thierry Charles, Virginia Comolli, Arnaud de Laguiche and Fabrice Rizzoli
Department of Political Science University of Naples 'Federico II', Solidarites Nouvelles pour le Logement, Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, Agence de gestion et recouvrement des avoirs saisis et confisqués (AGRASC) and

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About this talk

This panel will discuss the new legislation and social movements in France which follow the Italian example of confiscating assets from mafias and organised crime groups and giving them to charities and social associations for re-use in the local community. Questions such as: 1) why is it necessary to give back to the local community? 2) How efficient is this form of Antimafia? is it appropriate for other countries? can it work? Will be addressed.

Michele Mosca

The social Economy as an antidote to the criminal economy. Is it possible to build an alternative economy to that of criminal organizations? The social economy seems to us to be the possible path to take with greater commitment because it generates very promising results. The main characteristics of the social economy can represent an antidote to the criminal economy.

Thierry Charles

CFO of a Social Purpose Real Estate in France. Our company due to its purpose (and its state agreement) is now (by law) listed as a potential beneficiary of confiscated real estates (long or short term contracts with the State/Agency implying generally an improvment of the property etc...)

Virginia Comolli

Research manager for the GI-TOC programme 'Anticipating and disrupting environmental crime in the globalized economy'

Arnaud de Laguiche

Former prosecutor serving at French National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PARIS). Now serving as head of real estate departement at French Asset Recovery Agency

Fabrice Rizzoli

PHD in political science, university teacher & Co-founder of Crim'HALT