Vassilis Gerasopoulos

Utrecht University Assistant Professor of Criminology

About this speaker

Vassilis Gerasopoulos is an assistant professor in the Willem Pompe Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology in the University of Utrecht. He holds a Bachelor in Law from the University of Athens and an MA in Global Criminology from Utrecht University (cum laude). 

His doctoral research focused on how the migration 'crisis' of 2015 reconfigured and produced the figure of the migrant as the cultural 'Other' in the Greek context. He is chiefly interested in the concepts of fear and exclusion – in racial, sexual or cultural terms - and in exploring how and why various fears are constucted and expressed. He has participated and coordinated teaching projects regarding the dominant representations of crime, migration, sexuality and gender as well as the intersection between criminology and queer studies. He has published articles on the recent refugee crisis in Greece, the contemporary modalities of racism in the country, and the intersection of deviance and popular culture.


Transnational organized crime

14 October 2022, 11:30 AM
Sheelagh Brady Vassilis Gerasopoulos Regine Schönenberg Issa Hernández Herrera