Tetiana Melnychuk

Associate Professor, National University ‘Odesa Law Academy’, Ukraine Doctor of Philosophy in Law, a criminologist with long-term experience in organized crime research, policy development, law teaching and the practice of law

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Tetiana Melnychuk is a criminologist and holds the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Criminal Procedure, Detective, and Search Activities at the National University «Odesa Law Academy» (Ukraine). 

She has a strong academic background and experience in fundamental and policy-oriented research, analytical reports and legal advising. 

Her main expertise in organized crime was gained in 2005-2022 by working as a research fellow of the Odesa Organized Crime and Corruption Research Centre (Ukraine). Her Ph.D. degree was obtained in 2009 by defending the thesis «Organized Forms of Criminal Activity in Foreign Economic Relations». She is also a member of the Ukrainian Bar Association and has an individual practice of law as a certified Attorney in Ukraine.

Prof. Melnychuk is currently a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for European and International Criminal Law Studies at the University of Osnabrück (Germany) for 2022–2024 and the external expert of the research project «Organized Сrime 3.0». 

Her scientific activity is predominantly focused on the research of organized crime, economic delinquency, and corruption; modern strategies and policies of crime prevention; human rights in criminal justice from criminological, victimological, substantive criminal law and procedural criminal law perspectives.

Over 80 scientific publications highlight the results of her research achievements. Her recent book «Organised Crime as an Institutional Cluster: Transition from Traditional to Information Model in Ukraine», published in 2023, offers a detailed analysis of organized crime trends and critical evaluation of doctrine, legal norms and the newest empirical observations.

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War and Organized Crime

18 October 2023, 08:30 PM
Tetiana Melnychuk Olena Shostko Alberto De Filippis Morgana Bettega Gazabin Raphael Maretto