Stephen Okwany

Talanta Africa, LGBTQIA+ Activist and Resilience Fellow 2023

About this speaker

Stephen Okwany is a proactive Queer Artivist passionate about advancing equality and non-discrimination by deconstructing internalized and structural homophobia and anti-gender practices orchestrated by illiberal populists and their far-right movements. My vision is that of a world that is appreciative and cognizant of Queer lived realities and which affirms LGBTQ+ community members in their true authentic selves translating to active involvement of LGBTQ+ community members in decision making processes where their voices are included through the ‘Nothing for Us without Us’ principle. My mission is to create gender diverse platforms, spaces and opportunities that embodies respect for human rights and human dignity. As a Strategic Communications and Narrative Change Specialist, I proactively engage in creating and advancing progressive narratives that counters hate and crime through innovative media and platforms that endeavors to build empathy and kindness. 

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Human rights and organized crime: At-risk youth

18 October 2023, 07:00 PM
Ana Paula Oliveira Jacques Muhindo Stephen Okwany Siria Gastelum Luisa Fernandes Riascos Gamboa