Pol.Lt.Col Peabprom Mekhiyanont

Royal Thai Police Deputy Superintendent Thailand Internet Crime against Children, The Royal Thai Police

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Pol.Lt.Col.Peabprom Mekhiyanont is currently working as Deputy Superintendent of Cyber Crimes against Children at Cybercrime Investigation Bureau of Royal Thai Police. She has extensive experiences in various legal practices encompass conducting child online exploitation investigations and implementing of the project in areas of justice and security sector reform both at national and international levels. She had completed her tour of duty as United Nations Police in Haiti and as Police Advisor in South Sudan after two years of service for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. Furthermore, she had worked for UNICEF as consultancy to review and revise of documents which contributed to improve the curriculum and materials for Royal Thai Police. She also had previous experience conducted research on the Review of "National Action Plan and National Human Right Plan of Action”. She obtained master degree of laws in International Crime and Justice from University of Torino and successfully passed the defensed thesis on "The Challenges in Peacekeeping Operations to Promote the Rule of Law through the Community Policing”.

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Child sexual exploitation and abuse in South East Asia

14 October 2022, 07:00 AM
Prem Mahadevan Virginia Comolli Malina Enlund Kristina Amerhauser Peabprom Mekhiyanont