Magdalena Alcocer-Vega

Universidad Anáhuac México, Universidad Anáhuac México Coordinator of the Undergraduate Programme in Strategic Intelligence. Universidad Anáhuac México. Law Faculty

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Magdalena Alcocer Vega- International Relations and Public Safety



Magdalena studied International Relations, at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She has postgraduate studies in International Economic Relations ( Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) and holds a PhD in Government and Public Administration  (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain). Her PhD dissertation received the distinction summa cum laude about “Professionalization and training for Federal Police under Merida Initiative (2009-2012) in the context of police reform in Mexico.- Standards, best practices and accountability in democracy”.


Magdalena has a multidisciplinary profile which combines analytical skills with work experience and execution in private sector as well as in Government at a national and international level. She has been working for more than 20 years at various levels of government and at non-governmental organizations. She is an experienced project manager with issue-specific experience in governmental affairs, public safety, international relations and strategic communication. Firsthand field experience in Mexico with an in-depth understanding of Mexican laws and government and experienced in building national and international networks. She has been the coordinator of the undergraduate program in Strategic Intelligence since 2016 at Universidad Anáhuac México.



INAP (Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública)



Lines of investigation:

·       National Security, Public Security and Intelligence Studies.

·       Foreign Policy- (Bilateral security relationship between Mexico- United States, Mexico-Canada)

·       Police Reform in Mexico

·       International Cooperation for Police Training under Merida Initiative

·       Police Professionalization

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