Luisa Fernandes Riascos Gamboa

Huaitoto Foundation Educator in sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence. With 4 years of experience in the formulation and management of projects with human rights approach.

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Professional in Government and International Relations. Afro-Colombian community activist from Juanchaco Buenaventura. Founder and director of Huaitoto Foundation. Huaitoto Foundation is a non-profit organization legally created in 2021. Our mission is to strengthen the processes of social cohesion and community empowerment through educational projects with a focus on ethncultural, gender and human rights. We faithfully believe that education is the tool for social mobility. In this framework, we work in three lines of action: Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Prevention of Gender Based Violence and Promotion of education with an ethnocultural and human rights approach. Currently we focused on the prevention of violence through the construction of safe environments to prevent child prostitution and recruitment through training spaces to create new narratives in visual arts, photography and creative writing.

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Human rights and organized crime: At-risk youth

18 October 2023, 07:00 PM
Stephen Okwany Jacques Muhindo Siria Gastelum Luisa Fernandes Riascos Gamboa Ana Paula Oliveira