Joshua Mitrotti

Chief of Party, PADF Expert in Conflict Resolution, Human Rights and Citizen Security. Former Director of the Colombian Agency for Reincorporation. Current Chief of Party to USAID/PADF's Resilient Communities Program.

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Currently serves as Chief of Party of Resilient Communities, an activity financed by USAID in Colombia that leads a social laboratory for building trust and resilience in the most conflict-affected communities. Led the National Agency of Reincorporation, directing the permanent support offered to excombatants by strengthening their capacities and generating opportunities. Experience of over 20 years working in highly complex contexts in the public and business sector. Vast knowledge in terms of negotiation and dialogue with diverse actors to build meeting points focused on conflict resolution.

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Resilience as a prevention mechanism: Colombia

13 October 2022, 02:30 PM
Felipe Botero Juan Carlos Nieto Julie Peña Joshua Mitrotti Alejandro Cruz Ces Marianne

Building resilience in crime affected regions: the case of Colombia

18 October 2023, 10:00 PM
Sandra Quiñones Lina Asprilla Sandra Fernandez Capitan Ana Corredor Joshua Mitrotti