Jana-Isabelle Dilger

Research Analyst, Trilateral Research Jana Dilger is a Research Analyst with 4+ years of professional experience focusing on modern slavery and human trafficking, child protection, gender, and research ethics. A recent case study investigated County Lines drug trafficking and Cuckooing in the UK as well as links to human trafficking.

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Jana Dilger is a Research Analyst at Trilateral Research, a multidisciplinary research company. She is part of Trilateral’s Sociotech for Good Insights Group (SIG), where she focuses on modern slavery and human trafficking, child protection/safeguarding, gender, and overall research ethics. Jana is currently supporting 4 European Commission-funded projects: HEROES (“Novel strategies to fight Child Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking Crimes and protect their victims”), PREPARE (“Promoting collaborative policies of inclusion relating to children of far right and Islamist parents in Western Europe”), GEARING-Roles (“Gender equality actions in research institutions to transform gender roles”), and CCINDLE (“Co-Creating Inclusive Intersectional Democratic Spaces Across Europe”). In addition, she works on Project Honeycomb (funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority); an intelligence-led approach to combating human trafficking and modern slavery across Greater Manchester in the UK. Previously, Jana has worked on a project funded by the UK’s Home Office; the aim was to include the voices of survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking in the upcoming Modern Slavery Strategy. As part of HEROES, Jana recently presented a case study on County Lines drug trafficking and Cuckooing in the UK as well as the links to human trafficking at this year's EUROCRIM conference in Málaga, Spain.

Before joining Trilateral, Jana worked for Itad, a monitoring and evaluation consultancy focused on international development. Jana holds an MA in Conflict, Security, and Development from the University of Sussex and a BA in Political Science and Communication Studies from the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Her MA thesis investigated external factors to explain the disproportionally large number of jihadists from Tunisia. 

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Criminal networks

13 October 2022, 05:30 PM
Sanjeev P. Sahni Jana-Isabelle Dilger Leo Lin Elisa Bellotti