Gema Kloppe-Santamaría

Assistant Professor of Latin American History, George Washington University Sociologist and historian specializing on violence, gender, and crime in Latin America. Assistant Professor at George Washington University, Global Fellow at The Wilson Center, Author of "In the Vortex of Violence".

Gema's talk broadcasts 18 October 2023, 10:00 PM

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About this speaker

I am a historian and sociologist who specializes on questions of violence, crime, religion, and gender in twentieth and twentieth-first century Latin America, with a particular focus on Mexico and Central America. I am an Assistant Professor of Latin American History at George Washington University and a Global Fellow at The Wilson Center. I am the author of In the Vortex of Violence: Lynching, Extralegal Justice, and the State in Post-Revolutionary Mexico (University of California Press, 2020).


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