Claudette Vernot

Director and Attorney in Law, Estrategia Juridica A Colombian lawyer expert in the fight against illegal trade. Chair of the INTA Anti-counterfeiting Committee. Coordinator of training in LA&C and Project Partner of Strategos BIP.

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Claudette has focused her career on studying and improving brand protection programs and IP litigation strategies in Colombia. Currently, she is the Chair of the INTA Anti-counterfeiting Committee for the 2022-2023 term. Moreover, she is a member of ACPI, IPCA, ASIPI, and APRAM associations.

She founded her own firm, Estrategia Juridica, in 1998. Estrategia Juridica’s main focuses include the litigation of IP cases, Consumer Law, Criminal law, Unfair competition, Brand Protection Programs, and Enforcement of IP rights.

Claudette Vernot was the pioneer lawyer in Colombia for IP criminal cases for brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Crocs, and Polo Ralph Lauren among others. New actions, such as Customs Border Measures and Consumer Law, were part of the new strategies for brand holders. In 1999, she began programs for training Customs officers, members of the Police force, and different agencies. Her experience in the Intellectual Property field makes her one of the most recognized attorneys in Colombia.

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