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Modern slavery stories from the frontline: What you need to know

A Talk by Sylvia Yu Friedman and Mr. Matt Friedman

About this Talk

Sylvia Yu Friedman is a filmmaker, philanthropy adviser, journalist and anti-slavery campaigner is best known for her work on Japanese military sex slavery before and during World War II. In this important conversation Sylvia will be joined by Matthew Friedman a leading global expert on slavery and former United Nations director and U.S. diplomat. Together they will help bring the stories of the survivors of human trafficking to life providing important context for ESG objectives and goals in the business world.

Base Questions:

  1. How extensive is this problem? Can you provide an overview? (Matt)
  2. Could you describe the different types of trafficking cases you have covered in your book? (Sylvia and Matt)
  3. Is there a particular story that really sticks out for you? (Matt and Sylvia)
  4. What do you want to convey through this book? And how difficult was it to meet with victims of modern slavery on the ground? (Matt and Sylvia)
  5. Is this a topic that has any relevance to ESG? (Matt)
  6. What call to action can you share for our audience to help address this global issue of slavery? (Matt responds on corporates/ Sylvia on the growing women’s movement)

14 October 2022, 01:00 AM

01:00 AM - 02:15 AM

About The Speakers

Sylvia Yu Friedman

Sylvia Yu Friedman

Author & Filmmaker

Author of the books on trafficking: 'A Long Road to Justice: Stories from the Frontlines in Asia' (Penguin Random House) - this is the first journalistic account of sex trafficking across Asia; 'Silenced No More: Voices of Comfort Women'. Award-winning filmmaker of documentaries on sex trafficking and modern slavery in Asia.

Matt Friedman

Mr. Matt Friedman

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