Dr. Jeremy M. Wilson Branislav Hock Dustin Cooley David Shepherd Dilara Bural

Illicit product counterfeit markets: Examining stakeholder roles and effects

A Talk by Dilara Bural , Dustin Cooley , Dr David Shepherd , Dr. Jeremy M. Wilson and Dr Branislav Hock

About this Talk

A form of Illicit trade, product counterfeiting is a rapidly growing global problem adversely affecting the economy, public safety and health, national security, consumers and businesses. Organized crime syndicates operate schemes responsible for a large proportion of the world’s counterfeit product supply. In this session, we will share research exploring the roles of four stakeholder groups in facilitating and disrupting the illicit product counterfeit economy: social media influencers, consumers, brands, and the country of Turkey. This session will integrate various substantive, methodological and geographical perspectives to advance a broad discussion about the nature, opportunity structures and prevention of illicit trade generally and product counterfeiting specifically.

01 December 2021, 08:30 PM

08:30 PM - 09:45 PM

About The Speakers

Dilara Bural

Dilara Bural

PhD student and Early Stage Marie Curie Research Fellow at Teesside University (UK)

Dustin Cooley

Dustin Cooley

Graduate Research Assistant, Michigan State University

David Shepherd

Dr David Shepherd

Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth

Senior Lecturer in Economic Crime and widely published researcher.

Dr. Jeremy M. Wilson

Dr. Jeremy M. Wilson

Professor, Michigan State University

Professor of the School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University

Branislav Hock

Dr Branislav Hock

Institute of Criminal Justice Studies (ICJS)

Senior lecturer in Economic Crime at the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies (ICJS)