Robin Cartwright Omolara Balogun Oluwole Ojewale

Organised oil crime in Nigeria. The Delta paradox: Organised criminals or community saviours?

A Talk by Omolara Balogun , Robin Cartwright and Oluwole Ojewale

About this Talk

Niger Delta oil crime is one of the most serious natural resource crimes globally, with the systematic theft, sale and illegal refining of up to 20% of Nigeria’s oil output. Illegal bunkering and artisanal refining have increased exponentially over the past decade. This paper draws on qualitative interviews with Niger Deltan citizens, and government and community experts, to examine the impact on society. While state security forces continue to treat the crime with ‘extreme prejudice’ – destroying illegal camps and transportation – Niger Deltan citizens have normalised it, justifying it as an economic, energy and employment necessity despite its health and environmental toll. This film supports two publications on Oil Crime and organised Criminal Groups in the Niger Delta, it explores the key problems and then innovative, collaborative mechanisms to break this cycle of crime and inaction. Using a combination of national government, intergovernmental organisations, and the private sector’s technology and financing capabilities we propose economic renewal in the Delta. The film is funded by the European Union.

About The Speakers

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Omolara Balogun

Omolara Balogun

Head, Policy Influencing and Advocacy, West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI)

Robin Cartwright

Robin Cartwright

Founder, Ubik Connect

Illicit Trade, Illicit Financial Flows

Oluwole Ojewale

Oluwole Ojewale

Regional Organised Crime Observatory Coordinator, Central Africa, Institute for Security studies

Ph.D Urban & Regional Planning

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