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Ndrangheta and Rinascita Scott trial

A Talk by Annamaria Frustaci , Francesca Longo and Antonio Nicaso

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About this Talk

Rinascita Scott: processo alla Ndrangheta

This panel will show a 25-30 min documentary on the current trial taking place in Calabria against members of the Calabrian Mafia, the Ndrangheta and then, there will be a discussion between Antonio Nicaso (author and mafia expert) and Annamaria Frustaci, one of the Antimafia prosecutors involved in the trial. The speakers will discuss the importance of the trial and what it tells us about Italian mafias and their power today.

There will be an IT-EN interpreter.

About The Speakers

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Annamaria Frustaci

Annamaria Frustaci

Antimafia Prosecutor in the local Antimafia Directorate (DDA) in Catanzaro (Calabria)

Francesca Longo

Francesca Longo

Full Professor of Political Science and International Relation and Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Public Policy

Antonio Nicaso

Antonio Nicaso

Queen's University

Mafia Expert

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mafia-style crime


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