Martin Bisp

Empire Fighting Chance Founder, CEO of multi-award winning national violence reduction organisation. Contributor to UK Parliamentary and strategic groups on violence interruption using sport, psychology and therapy.

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A former Business Analyst for investment companies Martin is the founder and CEO of multi-national award-winning organisation Empire Fighting Chance. 

Using a combination of non-contact boxing, therapy, and psychology they work on violence reduction and interruption programmes, especially for those involved in gangs.

They have developed a network of boxing clubs across the UK who they have trained and are supporting to deliver Empire Fighting Chance’s own programmes. Empire is an official partner of Medellin Resiliente, where they exchange ideas and work together to reduce violence in their communities.

Martin also works with the UK government as a member of an All-Party Parliamentary Group and has hosted a royal visit at their Bristol based gym! 

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18 October 2023, 04:00 PM
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