Ismael Ocen

Ocean One Social Research Centre, Ocean One Social Research Centre Social Researcher and Development worker

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Ismael Ocen is a multi-skilled social researcher and development worker, an expert in Indigenous Knowledge development and training.  Environment and Climate action advisor using Indigenous and Local action, knowledge on Ecosystem Management and Restoration and integrated Risk management (IRM). Skills and experience in leading the community to advocate for protecting the environment and employing elaborate land use strategies for conserving species and important habitats to maintain sustainable livelihoods and economic growth. Knowledge research in building synergies on both the market integration and the subsistence economy of pastoralism, through incentives and regulations that encourage sustainable use of natural resources leading to the promotion of dryland pastoralists' social and economic security by ensuring greater benefit and supporting the community with diversification options. Group Facilitator at ONet (Open-ended Network) and the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) stakeholder Network.

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Experiencing environmental crime: An indigenous perspective

13 October 2022, 02:30 PM
Leandro Janamejoy Ismael Ocen Siria Gastelum Diana Siller Tanvi Khanna