Aubrey A 'Gus' Jones

Whilst engaged as a reasonably senior police officer investigated international organised crime groups and money laundering in UK, Europe (Italy in particular), USA, Hong Kong and Australia. Initial investigation with Judge Giovanni Falcone (Follow the Money) in London, later in Italy until his murder by the Cosa Nostra (Sicily).

About this speaker

Retired senior police officer having served in UK (New Scotland Yard) Hong Kong (Independent Commission Against Corruption), Italy and Albania (DLO). Continued as consultant with National Crime Squad and international companies in the City of London. Published author 2012 (Scott's Forgotten Surgeon). Churchill Fellow (1988) following research in Australia and Hong Kong ref international money laundering/asset seizure and the what is the future in UK and wider Europe.


Hiding dirty money in plain sight – A case study on following the money

01 December 2021, 01:00 PM
Niels van der Meulen Tuesday Reitano Aubrey A 'Gus' Jones David Tyree