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Euan Grant is a former indirect taxes ( VAT) auditor for the United Kingdom’s Customs Service (HMCE – now HMRC). He ended his career there as Strategic Intelligence Analyst in the Intelligence Division, specialising in Transnational Organised Crime and the ex-Soviet Union states. This work gave him early insight into the use of complex financial chains in financial frauds and tax evasion, and to provide cover for industrial scale smuggling of drugs, excise products and now wildlife and trafficked persons.

He subsequently worked as a Risk Analysis adviser in EU capacity building projects in Bosnia – Herzegovina, Moldova, several times in Ukraine, and in Central Asia. He has subsequently worked on border control and Customs modernisation projects in PAKISTAN, THE Middle East and East and West Africa.

He is now a broadcaster and writer on the geopolitics of strategic crime and has appeared on UK radio and television news networks, covering the war in Ukraine.

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Financial crimes and terrorism

14 October 2022, 11:30 AM
Vipin Vijay Nair Jorge M. Lasmar Raluca-Ioana Mocanu Euan Grant Maria Jofre Rashmi Singh