Eduardo Moncada

N/D Award winning scholar of criminal extortion and the politics of victimization.

About this speaker

Eduardo Moncada is a political scientist who studies crime and violence in Latin America, analyzing its impact on politics, its consequences, and how communities function around it. Professor Moncada takes an interdisciplinary approach, bridging political science with urban studies and criminology, and has conducted extensive fieldwork in Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, and other parts of Latin America.

 His 2022 book Resisting Extortion: Victims, Criminals and States in Latin America, which has received multiple awards, examines how communities navigate a reality of widespread extortion, and how individuals and communities resist criminal victimization in very different ways. Professor Moncada was selected for the 2021 Clarence Stone Scholar Award by the American Political Science Association for young scholars making significant contributions to the study of urban politics.

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Mafia, Deviant Masons and Corruption: Shifty Brotherhoods in Italy + Resisting Extortion

19 October 2023, 10:00 AM
Anna Sergi Federico Varese Alberto Vannucci Eduardo Moncada Antonio Talia