Dwi N. Adhiasto

Senior Technical Advisor, SCENTS (Science for Endangered and Trafficked Species) Foundation Wildlife crime, wildlife conservation, investigation techniques, criminal justice

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Dwi have more than 19 years’ experience in environmental conservation and project management, specifically in various aspects wildlife conservation and environmental crimes. Serves as a biologist and criminologist, Dwi's expertise includes: species conservation, landscape/habitat protection and management, community engagement, and law enforcement related to environment crime (marine and terrestrial). In environmental crime issues, Dwi have an expertise to combat illegal wildlife trafficking (crime prevention, crime detection, and law enforcement), improving law enforcement agency through training program, and data analysis. To date, Dwi is serving as lecture for Supreme Court and Attorney General Office Training Center to train the judges and prosecutors for environmental crimes issues, as well as providing similar support to equivalent agencies in multiple Latin American, Asian and African countries. Dwi use his strong diplomatic skills to form partnerships with national and regional governments, and other institutions, to collaboratively combat wildlife trafficking. Dwi also serves as a guest lecture for environment sciences, wildlife conservation, terrorism and international crime.

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An analytical approach to fauna crimes

13 October 2022, 02:30 PM
Alessia Massari Mark Gibson Paxton Mayer Jay Albanese Juneseo Hwang Dwi N. Adhiasto