Carolina Sampó

Associate Researcher, Conicet, Argentina PhD in Social Sciences. Master's degree in International Studies. Bachelor in Political Sciences.

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Dr. Sampó is an Adjunct Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Conicet); Coordinator of the Center for Studies on Transnational Organized Crime (CeCOT), International Relations Institute (IRI) University of La Plata (UNLP), Argentina. She is also an Associate Professor of Political Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Professor at the Ph D program of the IRI – UNLP.

Dr. Sampó holds a Ph D in Social Sciences and Bachelor’s in political sciences from Buenos Aires University and she holds a MA in International Studies from Torcuato Di Tellas’s University. She has made a postdoctoral research stay at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Dr. Sampó is the Project Director of a research financed by the University of Buenos Aires. UBACyT 20020190200243BA “The emergence of new criminal structures in South America: the dynamics of organized crime in Argentina and Brazil (2015 - 2019)”, 2020-2021.

Dr. Sampó is also Head Researcher from University of Buenos Aires. Project: “Challenges and Threats to Security and Defense Policies in Latin America and the European Union: International, Economic, Social and Communication Aspects” financed by the Ibero-American University Union, executed by a team composed by researchers from The Complutense University of Madrid, the University of Barcelona, University of San Pablo, Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Buenos Aires. September 2019-August 2021. 

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