Angélica Ospina-Escobar

International Crisis Group, Mexico, Conahcyt Associate Researcher at National Council for Science and Techonology (Conacyt). Gender Fellow for Mexico at International Crisis Group.

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Ph.D. in Population Studies and M.A. in Demography. My research interests include Drug Policy, Gender, Violence Against Women, Ethnography in conflict situations, Problematic Drug Use, Harm Reduction. Co-founder of the Mexican Harm Reduction Network (Redumex). Expertise of 17 years in social-community interventions for harm reduction among people who inject drugs in different cities of northern Mexico. Since 2019, I've been working on drug war-related violence against women projects.

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Organized crime in Mexico

18 October 2023, 11:30 PM
Angélica Ospina-Escobar Valentin Pereda Amaury Fierro Gonzalez Diorella Islas Guadalupe Correa Cabrera