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Adam Baird (PhD) is an academic and consultant specialising in gangs, crime, masculinities, and violence reduction. He has published extensively on gangs and directed research projects across Latin America and the Caribbean. Recently he investigated the root causes of the homicide boom in the Caribbean and Central America, and co-developed a handbookto profile illicit ammunition in violent urban contexts. He is Visiting Fellow at the Latin American and Caribbean Centre, LSE; Non-Resident Research Fellow at UNIDIR; and Associate Expert to the UNDP. He currently has book contracts, one with Temple University Press the other with Routledge, looking at gangs in Belize City and Medellín respectively.

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Mainstreaming gender and human rights in the implementation of the Organized Crime Convention (UNTOC)

01 December 2021, 04:00 PM
Cecilia Farfán-Méndez Helene Tigroudja Agustina Diaz Rhein Adam Baird Riikka Puttonen